IHomeSchool4U        Grades 1 and 2

About Us

​​​​​​Are you looking for a better way to educate your child?  Is a small class size, differentiated curriculum, and plenty of fresh air important to you?  Look no more…Tiny U is here!!

Tiny University LLC was created by a licensed elementary teacher with 17 years experience who like you, wanted a better way to meet the needs of children.  Through monthly field trips to use our newly acquired skills in real world situations, a rigorous STEM based initiative for young innovators, hands-on manipulatives for early numeration skills, and ability leveled reading instruction, homeschooling has never been so rewarding.

Every Tiny U Tiger will receive all of the educational benefits of a curriculum tailored to meet their individual needs without the stressors of standardized tests.

Consider the advantages of homeschooling.  Hurry, only 10-12 seats available.

$50 off registration fees for early registration.